Stuart Owen3D Character Animator

Stuart - Senior RuneScape Animator

I am Stuart, a senior 3D animator currently working at Jagex Games Studio on the popular MMO RuneScape. I attended De Montfort University, achieving a First degree on Animation Design. I specialise in keyframe animation, working with the in-house animator tool at Jagex, as well as using Autodesk Maya for personal projects and ongoing training. I am constantly striving to broaden my animation skills to a range of styles, from grounded, realistic actions, to more exaggerated cartoon movement.

You can find examples of my work here, as well as on my vimeo and sketchfab pages.



Here are a selection of some short animation sequences on my Vimeo page.



Here you can see a selection of exported animations in an interactive 360° viewport as they play.

RuneScape Projects


I have been involved in key updates in RuneScape's history, providing animation assets to give the best possible experiences. Here is a list of the most notable projects that I have worked on